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You know that first impressions matter. You have worked hard to create a brand, a reputation and an office culture, to retain employees as well as customers. You have put organized systems in place, compiled references and portfolios, hired a marketing team and even have a dress code for your staff.

But what about your cleaning service? Are they helping support your business image and creating an excellent first impression? 

Maybe you've been looking for an experienced, professional cleaning service who will consistently keep your place of business looking and smelling clean. You want to keep your staff motivated and customers coming back, by leaving them with a great first impression-and a lasting one, and you need a cleaning service you can trust to maintain your business environment in a way you can be proud of: impeccably clean, tidy and professional!

Count on us to get this done for you!

Surveys have consistently shown that there is a powerful connection between cleanliness and first impressions-between the over all condition and appearance of your place of business, and customer satisfaction, retention and referrals. If you have been shopping around for a cleaning service, we invite you to schedule an on-site consultation with us before you settle. We have 20+ years experience and are supporting our fellow local small businesses by taking care of work environments and places of business as if they were our own.  

We provide so much more than just routine "surface" cleaning. We provide freedom & peace of mind. Freedom from worry over the tedious time-consuming office & lavatory cleaning tasks that take you & your staff away from what needs to be done to serve your customers & help your business grow and  thrive; and peace of mind knowing that the job will be done efficiently, correctly and consistently to your satisfaction each time.

We offer complimentary consultations on site, so we understand your specific needs, and will develop a customized service plan for you from our select services menu. Once scheduled, our professionally screened, trained and fully insured staff and "hands-on" field supervisors will use a unique & efficient "pre-wet" cleaning & sanitizing system for lavatories, kitchen areas staff lounges, and other frequently touched areas, that will keep your staff healthy and sick days to a minimum. Most importantly, we will provide you with the best value of services for your money in the area.

Our Eclectic Domestics-Commercial Crews  will help restore and maintain the clean, serene, professional appearance and functioning of your business, so you can be proud of the first impressions you leave on everyone who visits!

Contact Barbara today to schedule your consultation & learn more about how we can help your business thrive: 215-257-3193 

First Impressions Matter!

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