"Come Home to Clean & Serene"   

Helpful Hannah: 


Kitchen Concierge 

Marvelous Melissa: 


Kitchen Concierge 

Dynamic Doris &

Awesome Adrienne:


Lovely Lizanne:

​Party-Tender Extrodinaire

Rockin' Ryan:

"Iron" Grill Chef 

​Travelling Juggler

Dynamic Danielle:


Events & Marketing


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Barbara Gini

Founder & CEO (Chief Eclectic Officer)

Eclectic Domestics Home & Hospitality​

Jazzy Jess:

"The Beauty Boss"

Resident Hair Stylist &

Occasional ​Housekeeper/Party-Tender

Jersey Jami:

Hip Chick Bartender (NJ)

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Service Providers

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The "A" Team:

Angela: Kitchen Concierge

Alyssa: Kitchen Concierge

Lovely Lauryn:


Kitchen Concierge


Kick-A** Bartender

Party Consultant

Lovely Laura

Housekeeper &

Kitchen Wizard

Lovely Lauryn: 

Kitchen Concierge

Party Tender

​Baking Queen

Darling Clementine: 

Home Organizer  Extraodinaire

​Kitchen Concierge

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Our Founder & Fearless Leader: Barbara Gini 

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If you are price-sensitive and are looking for the lowest price, we are not for you. If you are quality-conscious, and care about efficiency, consistency and customized service plans to fit your specific needs, you have come to the right place.

Eclectic Domestics provides a select menu of residential housekeeping, hospitality & key-holder services  (such as vacation home-checks and property care-taking), for busy families and individuals in Bucks County PA & surrounding areas. 

We don't just clean and tidy your house-we help "keep" & manage your home. This is what sets us apart: We care for your home as if it were our own. We take pride in creating and maintaining clean & serene stress-free spaces for you and your family to come home to. We provide the extra support you need to run your household efficiently or to entertain guests, without the lost time and added stress.  Our goal is to help you to spend your time doing those other important things you need to do, like helping with homework, relaxing with your family, running your business, going to the gym, healing from surgery or celebrating life events with family & friends.

Barbara and her team, are knowledgeable, well-trained, trustworthy & reliable. They will put you at ease, and provide you with expert advice, extra sets of hands and customized service plans designed just f or you. 

Here are just a few of the services we offer through our main & partner companies:

  • Weekly & alternate week schedules for housekeeping & laundry services
  • ​Grocery pick up (Market Mavens) & Floral Concierge
  • Prep & Packing services for remodeling & restoration work 
  • Vacation "Key-holder" care-taking (temporary or long term - beginning or end of season)
  • Party set up and kitchen assistance (Kitchen Concierge)
  • Support staff (security, coat check, greeters "Cigar Girls" ) for fundraisers & festivals

Barbara Gini, our founder, has more than 20 years experience in home & hospitality services, and hundreds of satisfied clients. Eclectic Domestics was founded on the principals of efficiency, and specializes in providing the solutions that help you re-claim hours upon hours of lost time.

In addition, our 5 Star Quality Guarantee ensures that your will be pleased with our services.

Barbara and her staff are proud to serve the residents of Bucks County PA & surrounding areas. 
For more information, visit our  Stress-Free Spaces Blog  and our  Frequently Asked Questions  page.

To schedule a complimentary housekeeping consultation, please contact us by phone at

215-257-3193 during  regular business hours.

We invite you to visit our  community partners  and our sister companies: 



Feedback is always welcome! Please e-mail Barbara directly with your comments and suggestions:bg.bgini@gmail.com

We look forward to showing you more about how to create and maintain Stress-Free Spaces!



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