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We have a confession: this page is not really about us. No. Its about you.

Its about all the time you spend, working for yourself and your family. Not just inside of your home, but outside of it. Whether it be a business you operate, a job you do working for someone else, or volunteer work, the time you spend doing it is important to you and those whom you serve, and the time you spend at home is important to the people you love.

Let's face it. You are tired when you go home after working all day. Sometimes you go home to a sink full of dishes, a pile or two of laundry, full trash and wastebaskets, dust blobs under the furniture, and kids and pets who missed you and need your attention. There is dinner to make and homework to supervise and then kitchen clean up, bedtime, and then preparing to do it all over again the next day.  Free time? Sometimes its a challenge to carve out even a half hour to exercise, study for your degree, have some quality time with your spouse, or participate in a favorite hobby, but you press on and do your best to manage keeping the house and all the different day to day tasks that need attention.

You've been told that you can do/have it all-but the reality is that sometimes you need to ask for help. You need to delegate some of the time-consuming tasks that take you further away from "having it all".

So, what if you could have some help. What if you could delegate some of those tasks and free yourself-even if for a few extra hours a week-to spend more time with your kids, or your significant other? Start taking care of yourself a little better? Stress less and live more?

The good news is that you can, and we can help you. With a convenient, customized service plan that fits your needs, your lifestyle and your schedule, and a professionally trained staff, you can create more of the life you want without the mess or the stress. 

In fact, we help save our clients on average, 7.75 hours a week. (That's an extra 30 hours a month and 360 hours per year. )

What could you do with 7-8 hours of reclaimed time each week?

(The possibilities are endless.)

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